Secrets to a healthy balanced lifestyle

Arcadia Movement!!!!!!!!!! If you have not heard of this brand you soon will! The unique designs and amazing quality are why Arcadia Movement have become one of my favourite activewear labels!! 

It's truly such a blessing to combine my two working worlds together; modelling & health and fitness! I love being involved with brands and labels that genuinely believe in health and wellness! It is evident in the Arcadia Movement's latest collection, they get all the minor details SO RIGHT!! Every piece of the collection is a fit girls dream! STYLE. COMFORT. FUNCTIONALITY

I recently took the time to answer some questions from the designer/owner of Arcadia Movement; my tips and secrets to living a healthy balanced life :) I hope you enjoy it.

What sport or activity do you do the most?
Yoga and walks

What motivates you the most to get out of bed and workout?
The feeling you get once you've completed your workout! I always feel so great and never regret it! 

What is your morning rituals?
Usually coffee first and then some breakfast. Fruit, yogurt and muesli is my favourite! I always enjoy this time before my busy day starts; whatever the day holds I can handle it after coffee and food :)

What is your secret to staying committed to your fitness routine?
As cliche as it sounds everything in moderation and finding a balance that suits me. I don't force myself to go to the gym if I don't want to. I enjoy exercising; yoga, jogging with the dog, beach walks with a few squats thrown in. 

What is one item you could not live without?
My runners!

Whats your biggest guilty pleasure?
I love Yogurt Land!!

Whats your best beauty secret?
Skinstitue products! I swear by them. 

What food trend do you most relate to?
I don't really follow any food trends. I listen to my body and eat what I crave/need. 

What comes first sport/fitness or modeling?
Modeling. Some days I justify it as my workout! Wearing heels for 8 hours and 50+ outfit changes is exhausting! Haha

Who is your celebrity body inspiration?
Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba

Whats your favourite piece in the Arcadia range?
Max Trackie!! Love love love